What Bosses Have Taught Me Throughout My Career.

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Throughout the years, I’ve managed small teams to large teams (70+) of web developers, web designers, marketers, QA, in corporate, agencies, and startups. While I could write a lot on my management experience… I’ll write what I take most value in is what I’ve learned from my managers who helped me become an inspiring team leader myself.

  • John Myers, CEO Understanding small business complexities, product development, and customer loyalty.
  • Jeff Huber, Director Management should shield their team for corporate red-tape/struggles and enable them to embrace mistakes and failures. Customer support is key to delivering a successful product.
  • Jon Burchmore, CTO Quality code and disciplined programming is the most important factor in enterprise application development.
  • Martin Jones, Corporate Executive The ability to navigate through corporate processes/hurdles and the understanding that collaboration is key. Let your staff take risks and have them feel supported.
  • Gordon Dankberg, IT Director How to manage a department (people and budget).
  • Anthony Lloyd, CTO Invest in people, their potential, not just their past experience.
  • Blake Miller, CMO User experiences should speak to the person as an individual.
  • Darian Paterski, CIO “Listen, Learn, then Lean.” Before you set down your management plan, listen to your staff and learn what their pain-points are, then lead based on how you can make their lives better (be a coach, not a dictator).
  • Rick Repsold, Sr. Director Being able to push innovation, you not only need genuine passion, but also the need the ability to sell your idea/plan to everyone/anyone.

Thank you, to all who have helped me grow into a good and inspirational Manager.